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GNV Podcast

GNV Podcast 1: About GNV

Global News View (GNV) has finally launched a podcast. The podcast, which will explain and raise issues about the under-reported world and international reporting, will be released twice a month (first and third Mondays). The first half of the first podcast (01:20) talks about GNV and the second half (11:55) talks about why we need activities like GNV's. GNV is more than just a website,Twitter, ,Instagram, ,FacebookThe news is also being sent out. The anchors this time are Virgil Hawkins of Osaka University and Azusa Iwane.

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Global View

Global View

Unreported world events, phenomena, trends, and perspectives in a commentary format

News View

News View

Analysis of international news coverage in the Japanese media

GNV Podcast

GNV Podcast

Dialogue on the unreported world (Available only in Japanese)

Monthly Report

Monthly Reports

Monthly and annual perspectives on trends in international reporting in the form of graphs
(Currently under construction)

One Photo World


A world you may not know through a single photo

About GNV

About GNV

Global News View (GNV) is a media research organization based at Osaka University. Our goal is to create an information environment that enables a comprehensive and objective understanding of the world and the issues it faces. GNV provides information and commentary on the under-reported world, analyzes the current state of existing international news coverage, and promotes its improvement.

GNV Overview

GNV consists of two parts: Global View, which provides information on the current state of the world that is not reported, and News View, which analyzes international news coverage. We also compile monthly statistics and publish a monthly report. If you have any questions or comments about our research or articles, please contact us through "Contact Us".

GNV's permanent staff collects, manages, and analyzes data for international coverage and prepares articles. In addition, outside researchers and others are invited as guest writers.

Project Manager:
Virgil Hawkins(Professor, Graduate School of International Public Policy, Osaka University))

Deputy Project Manager: Azusa Iwane

Managing Director:Yudai Sekiguchi

Deputy Managing Director:Ayane Ishida

Data Management Leader:Chika Kamikawa

Graphic Leader:Haruka Gonno

Public Relations Leader:Koki Ueda

Proofreading Leader:Yusui Sugita

Podcast Editorial Leader:Yuna Nakahigashi