Nuclear Tests in the Pacific Ocean

Koki Ueda

Responsibilities: Southeast Asia and Oceania/ Position: Public Relations Strategy Leader/ I will try to capture the politics, economy, environment, human rights, and people's lives in Southeast Asia and Oceania from a different angle from what is usually reported.

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  1. ぽてと says:

    Japan is an A-bombed country, but I have seen only around August 6 in the media coverage toward a nuclear weapons ban, and nuclear weapons seem to be outside the public's concern. I feel that the movement toward a treaty is a responsibility to work toward a world without nuclear weapons.

  2. つよし says:

    What do they think they are, the people of the Pacific?
    Countries that have conducted nuclear tests should apologize in good faith. They should sincerely compensate.

  3. UH says:

    It will soon be 80 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now, there are growing calls for the need to have war potential and nuclear weapons in order to prepare for contingencies. While such opinions may be inevitable, I thought it was necessary to know that there were people who suffered from the nuclear tests and the effects of nuclear weapons on the human body.

  4. ダークチョコレートケーキ says:

    I read the article with great interest. Although some high-income countries are currently strengthening their argument that nuclear weapons have a deterrent effect, this article shows that this is not the case. I think it is valuable that articles like this are published so that we do not forget the people who have been in danger and even lost their lives under nuclear tests for a long time.

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