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What GNV aims for

Global News View (GNV) is a media research organization based at Osaka University. Our goal is to create an information environment that enables a comprehensive and objective understanding of the world and the issues it faces. GNV provides information and commentary on the under-reported world, analyzes the current state of existing international news coverage, and promotes its improvement.

GNV Background.

Globalization is advancing at a tremendous pace. Alongside the many positive effects of this phenomenon that has connected the world, there are also negative aspects that have given rise to problems that must be addressed on a global scale. Now that the causes and consequences of various problems such as inequality, poverty, armed conflicts, environmental issues, and problems related to healthcare are intricately intertwined on a global scale, even seemingly unrelated distant events and phenomena are by no means strangers to us. We may be the perpetrators of a problem, or we may be the victims of an adverse effect. And if we take action, we can also contribute to the solution of the problem. In order to live in this world and to create a better world, there is a growing need to have a broad, multifaceted perspective and a deeper understanding of the world.

The infrastructure for an information environment to foster such a vision is already in place. With the development of information and communication technology, the development, spread, and low cost of satellites, the Internet, smart phones, and social networking services, the collection and dissemination of information on a global scale has reached an all-time high. Oddly, however, the amount of international news coverage provided by news organizations that are supposed to play this role has not increased. In fact, it has been observed to be decreasing in some cases. Currently, the amount of information on the world available through the Japanese press accounts for only 10% of all news coverage.

A further problem is that international coverage is not only limited to its volume, but also lacks balance in the regions where it is reported. There is a sharp difference between regions that receive intensive coverage and those that receive next to none. Regions, countries, and people with particularly strong ties to their own countries, or with concentrated wealth and power, receive overwhelming attention in international reporting. In all events and phenomena, factors such as the nationality, race, and socioeconomic status of the people involved, rather than the scale of the event, have a greater impact on whether or not they are reported.

Information is closed within national boundaries, and there are numerous problems, including regional bias, in international reporting, which is rare. The way in which the world and its problems are perceived by the recipients of information depends greatly on the judgment of those who report it, from whose perspective and in what way they report it. GNV was launched as a step toward creating a more open information environment for the world.

What GNV offers

GNV consists of Global View (GV) and News View (NV).

GV provides unreported world events, phenomena, trends, and perspectives in a commentary format. The complexity of the issues will be explained in an easy-to-understand manner with as little simplification as possible. It takes into account regional balance and explores the causes, current conditions, and remedies for the world's problems from a broad perspective, regardless of race, nationality, power, or wealth.

NV analyzes Japan's international news coverage and identifies trends. We explore international coverage in terms of volume, regional distribution, and topics. We regularly present quantitative trends from our own collected data, and also provide articles focusing on individual topics. We will primarily focus on the international coverage of the Asahi, Yomiuri, and Mainichi newspapers, but in some cases we will also cover other domestic and international media outlets.

Staff & Guests

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GNV Financial Resources

GNV is Osaka University'sVirgil Hawkins Lab.The project was started as part of the project of People who support the project write articles and take on the management of the project free of charge. All funds spent on GNV to date have been covered by the members who manage the project on a voluntary basis.

GNV Data Analysis Methods

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Providing Information to GNV

GNV accepts information from our readers as part of our efforts to communicate the issues that the world and Japan continue to ignore, and to speak for the vulnerable people who face these issues.Please refer hereThe following is a list of the most common problems with the